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How often should I paint my house to keep it looking good?

Here in Arizona the sun can really take its tole, so painting the exterior of your house not only keeps it looking good, but it also helps to protect the stucco, wood, and other surfaces from more extensive sun damage. Another important point is how dark the colors are. The darker the color, the sooner you need to repaint due to fading. Normally, an exterior paint job will last about 4-5 years. Not only do you want to repaint regularly, you’ll also want to inspect the exterior for damage as well. The last thing you want is for bugs or other critters to get in.

There are some factors that can reduce life expectancy on a painting of a house:

  • Was the house painted with premium paint?
  • Was the paint diluted with water? It is not a good idea to add water on exterior paint.
  • Did they use the right amount of paint per square foot?
  • Was the house properly prepared prior to repainting? Taking the time to prep a house the right way can make your new paint job last much longer.

Unfortunately, not all painters take the time to do the job right. Cheap materials and cutting corners may let some painters charge less, but guess who pays in the end? You do, when you have to repaint in just a few years because your paint is blotchy, faded, or peeling.

Guess who does the job right the first time? We do. Give us a call for a free estimate to have your home painted. You’ll love the results!

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