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Painting interior walls is the easiest way to freshen up your place. There are a few elements to consider when choosing interior paint, paint color, and paint finish.

High traffic areas do well with some level of gloss paint, as they hold up better to touching and can be cleaned more easily. A flat finish will not be easy to clean or endure touches, but you won’t see imperfections as much on surfaces. Any room that is exposed to water or steam should be coated with some level of gloss paint.

This is most imperative for bathrooms and kitchens that are used frequently. Doors, door trims, and baseboards are also recommended. Color is the most important part of the painting project. Sometimes trying to find the right color can be challenging.

Using our “See It Before We Paint It”, Ivan will photograph your existing home or room, download your photo into his computer, and you select the preferred color. If the look does not fit your tastes, you can make changes until it does.

As the interior house painters Tucson trusts, let us fill all your interior painting needs!

Step 1: Furniture & Floors

Move furniture to the center of the room and protect it by covering it with canvas or plastic.
Cover all floor areas with plastic and canvas to eliminate any paint drops on floor surfaces.

Step 2: Walls & Windows

Remove pictures and any wall decorations. Then Remove window blinds

Step 3: Holes & Outlets

Fill any holes or clings on surface before painting. Remove switch plates and outlets covers.

Step 4: Frames & Dust

Caulk to fill any gaps around windows, baseboards, and door frames. Clean surface (remove dirt and dust).

Step 5: Primers & Ceilings

Prime any surface needed. Paint ceilings and trims first (if needed).

We will NOT unplug any A/V equipment and/or computers.
We leave areas clean and organized on a daily basis.

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