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Gates and fences are supposed to be the additions to your home that make it look fabulous and appealing to the eye. However, if they are not maintained properly and stay in bad shape most of the time, they become a liability to the property and to the owner. This is because ugly fences and gates become an eyesore for prospective buyers in the area and they don’t look good. Hence, the visual appeal and value of your property falls with time. With Ivan’s Painting Services near your residential property, you can make sure that your gate and fence looks absolutely gorgeous all the time.

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What services do we offer for Fence & Gate Painting?

With Ivan’s Painting Services, you can be sure that your gate and fence are the best looking features of your property. Haven’t all of us seen the side gate that has become so rusted and brown that no one wants to touch it? With the services we offer, you can replace all the slats of the gate and replace them with a nice and composite wood.

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Ivan’s Painting Service also takes care of other things. As a part of this service, we will sand the rust off the gate, prime bare metal areas and apply a rust preventive primer so that you don’t have to go through the rust prevention process ever again. After the primer is applied, we also paint the gate and fence with a specialized paint that is designed to last longer on metallic surfaces. These paints have rust inhibiting substances infused in them, which makes them perfect in your case. These paints prevent rust from forming in the first place, which do the job of prevention rather than cure. This primer coating also imparts you a better and a more efficient paint job overall. No metal gates or fences are completely immune to the rusting effects of the atmospheric moisture and the iron. There is only so much you can do to prevent rust. Furthermore, once the rust has set into the gate, it is already weaker than it used to be. Hence, this is the best time to consider working with Ivan’s painting Services. Not only do we make sure that your gate and fences look completely gorgeous we also ensure that they prevent rusting and don’t rust very easily. They are also strengthened and made rigid to provide the secure look for your house along with actual security.

What is the process of the repainting of the gates and fences?

Here is the process that is used by Ivan’s Painting Services to repaint your gates and fences:
● Changing slats
● Removal of rust
● Sanding
● Coating with primer (a rust preventing primer is used before the painting is done to ensure that the paint does not chip off due to the formation of rust)
● Coating with metal paint (this is a specialized paint that is used to coat metallic surfaces in general)
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