Roof Coating

Have Your Roof In Mind? 

 Removing the wallpaper put up by a previous tenant is a common, but often daunting task faced by new homeowners. Whether you are ready to take down wallpaper upon sight, or if you’ve been planning about it for years, Ivan’s Painting can have it removed properly and efficiently. Though it is a relatively simple task, amateur removal of wallpaper can be tedious and can potentially cause damage to the walls of your home, making it a good time to enlist the help of professionals.
“Popcorn” ceilings are very common in homes built between the 1960s-1980s. The cottage-cheese-like appearance not only looks out of date but easily collects dust and cobwebs and can be nearly impossible to clean. The task of popcorn ceiling removal may be more involved than scraping off the ugly coating and repainting the wallboard underneath. That sprayed-on textured ceiling may have covered up some ugly drywall work. After removing the textured coating there may be nail heads and dents that need to be covered up with joint compound and joints in the wall board that need to be taped, before the ceiling wallboard is primed and painted. We offer popcorn ceiling removal and texturing of surfaces services.