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The Residential Painting Contractors Tucson Trusts

The most difficult obstacle when painting is choosing the right color. The residential painting contractors Tucson trusts, Ivan's Painting, has your solution. We provide “See It Before We Paint It”. Ivan will photograph your existing home or room, download your photo into his computer and you select the preferred color. If the look does not fit your tastes, you can make changes until it does.

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  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Stucco and drywall repairs
  • Wallpaper and “popcorn” removal
  • Drywall texture
  • Roof Coating
  • Complete Interior Painting
House after Ivan's Painting.


Exterior Painting Preparations

  • Power washing of all stucco surfaces to remove all dust, dirt, and loose paint from area.
  • Removal of rocks (if any) and dirt away from foundation. (at least two inches)
  • Removal and covering of all patio furniture away from house.
  • Carefully removal of exterior lamps, street address, and other items mounted on surface to properly paint surface.
  • Sealing of minor cracks on stucco surfaces.
  • Caulking of all windows and exterior door frames. (to ensure proper sealing)
  • Slightly sanding of wood trims around garage doors, main entrance doors, and rear ramadas (if any) to remove any loose paint.
  • Covering of all windows, exterior doors, exterior floor areas, plants, and any other surfaces to eliminate over spraying.

Interior Painting Preparations

  • Move furniture to the center of the room and protect it by covering it with canvas or plastic.
  • Cover all floor areas with plastic and canvas to eliminate any paint drops on floor surfaces.
  • Remove pictures and any wall decorations.
  • Remove window blinds.
  • Fill any holes or clings on surface before painting.
  • Remove switch plates and outlets covers.
  • Caulk to fill any gaps around windows, baseboards, and door frames.
  • Clean surface - (remove dirt and dust).
  • Prime any surface if needed.
  • Paint ceilings and trims first (if needed).
  • We will not unplug any A/V equipment and/or computers.
  • Leave areas clean and organized on a daily basis.

Stucco Repair

  • We offer a variety of finishes on stucco repairs.
  • Please note that not every stucco surfaces requires to be re-stucco.
  • Most hairlines on stucco can be properly repaired with elastomeric sealer.
  • An inspection of your property can determine whether surface needs to be re-stucco or simply repaired with elastomeric sealer.
  • Please note that hairlines on stucco will resurface after repairs.
  • We will test new stucco to make sure it is ready to be painted.


  • We offer minor drywall repairs and texturing of surfaces.

Wallpaper/ Popcorn Removal

  • We offer services in wallpaper and ” Popcorn” texture removal and texturing.

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