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Drywall is used to make interior walls and ceilings. Drywall damage can range from small cracks to large holes, but most repairs are fairly simple and inexpensive to fix. We offer minor drywall repairs and texturing of surfaces, “Hawk and Travel” is the most common and elegant.

Professional Stucco Repair

We offer a variety of finishes for stucco repair. Please note that not every stucco surface requires to be re-stucco. Most hairlines on stucco can be properly repaired with elastomeric sealer. An inspection of your property can determine whether surface needs to be re-stucco or simply repaired with elastomeric-sealer. Please note that hairlines on stucco will resurface after repairs.

We will test new stucco to make sure it is ready to be painted.Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for walls. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as metal, concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe.

No building material can beat the durability of stucco. If applied correctly, it can stand for many years without any maintenance, which is why seeking professional assistance for such a project is a good choice. Stucco is also best for extreme weather conditions and is extremely helpful in blocking rainwater and heat damages. However, the setting of a newly built home, the heat and expanding of plywood, and the vibration of heavy windows or doors can create cracks in stucco, challenging the integrity. Ivan’s Painting offers the best stucco repair Tucson has seen. Below are a few stucco repair options:

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