Let me start by saying this is the 3rd time my house has been painted within 14 years. After the 2nd time it was painted the paint (the same color) l remember they used 6, 5 gallon cans, okay. With that being said the original paint job lasted longer than the 2nd time around. I challenged the contractor 5 year written guarantee, he took a paint sample and came back saying the paint was ok. That was on the 4th year of the 2nd painting. I realized they must of added water. So with Ivan I told him the history and this time around I wanted to buy the paint and I’d hire him for the application only. He said ok he understood but he could do what he always does. I can save you money buying it at his cost and deliver it to my home to prove its not watered down and will show you the invoice. I asked how many 5 gallon cans I needed for my home he said 12 to 15 , 5 gallon cans. Each day they delivered paint and in the end they used 12, 5 gallon cans. He deducted money from our contract on the amount of paint he didn’t use. At the beginning he that it could be possible. Again he was right and honest and of very professional. I’d like to add that Carlos and Robert were outstanding in their work. Clean up was outstanding. You cannot go wrong in hiring Ivan Painting to do your home.