Selecting the perfect interior paint not only accentuates your personal style the proper color choice can keep your home cool during the summer months. Proper ventilation can only go so far especially if any of your bedrooms or main rooms are in direct sunlight for hours at a time. Large and small spaces alike can heat up quickly making it difficult to get comfortable in your home. Having a professional interior paint job ensures you’re satisfied with the look of your home and aid in cooling your home down during the summer. Ivan’s painting has been serving the community for twenty years. Contact us with any questions or a quote if your interior paint is beginning to look a little worse for wear.

How Does Interior and  Exterior Paint Effect Temperature?
Exterior paint and roof color are a big factor in terms of home temperature. Of course, there are other factors that play into the temperature of your home. Ventilation, insulation, air conditioning, and consistent airflow assist in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Exterior paint will affect the temperature inside your house more than the roof but any black on the outside contributes to a rising climate. Although black roofs are incredibly common and do look good with specific color pallets they don’t help keep your home cool. Black soaks up the heat and raises the temperature. This goes for the majority of dark colors, the closer the color is to black the more heat it soaks up. Darker shades and hues do not refract as much UV light in comparison to lighter colors. Dark-colored roofs and homes become physically hot to the touch after a few hours in the sun and that heat can transfer into your home.

Black and other darker-colored exterior paints highlight damage as well and are prone to fading faster in extreme sunlight compared to lighter exterior colors. Wanting your house to stand out is understandable and can add to curb appeal but be aware that colors on the darker end of the spectrum may raise your interior temperature to an uncomfortable level.

Interior paint colors are not in the direct sunlight therefore do not soak up as much heat as exterior paint. However, paint colors on the inside of your home will absorb any heat funneling from the sun via windows or screen doors. If your home does not have central air conditioning or good ventilation choosing dark colors for the interior of your home may not be the best choice. Grey, a popular choice for a modern aesthetic, will soak up more heat the darker it is. This is a good interior house paint color if you don’t want bright or nude colors on your walls.

What Are The Best Colors To Keep A House Cool?
White, a classic for a reason. White can be matched with many trim colors and roof patterns. The color white reflects any and all wavelengths. Heat and strong UV rays will be refracted off the white more than any other color. Using white for your exterior paint will enliven the look of your home and last longer in the heat. White hides any imperfections on the exterior and won’t fade after a few years of harsh sunlight.

Alternatives to white are beige, yellow, and light blue. Beige is a great option if you don’t want a standout color like the other two mentioned. Yellow exterior paint comes in a variety of lighter colors and brighter bolds similar to lemon. The style of your home is ultimately your choice and our team of professionals can show you the extensive variety of colors we offer.

Earthy hues like olive green or berry red can give your home a stand-out style without raising the temperature too much. Accents of whites are a good match to keep your home cool and elevate your home’s curb appeal at the same time.

Interior paints color selection is more flexible due to most of the interior not taking the majority of the sun’s rays in the daytime. Any rooms that have large windows or soak up more heat during the day should be painted in lighter colors. Greys, pastels, white and off-white, or beige are colors that reflect the majority of UV rays they’re hit with. Dramatic colors like reds and purples are still an option to keep your home looking the way you want. Try using cooler versions of these colors such as lavender, lilac, amethyst, berry, blush, and rose.

If your home tends to feel much hotter than others despite having a cooling system or good airflow you should consider repainting the interior or exterior of your home. Paint diminishes over time, if you’ve been in your home for over five years it may be time to get a refresh. Not only will a fresh coat of paint help cool your home down it’s a good way to refresh the look of your home inside and out for the summer. Ivan’s painting uses the best quality paints guaranteed to withstand the harsh heat and look great for years to come. 

June 9, 2021
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