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Interior and Exterior Paint Colors That Help Keep Your House Cool

Selecting the perfect interior paint not only accentuates your personal style the proper color choice can keep your home cool during the summer months. Proper ventilation can only go so far especially if any of your bedrooms or main rooms are in direct sunlight for hours at a time. Large and small spaces alike can heat up quickly making it difficult to get comfortable in your home. Having a professional interior paint job ensures you’re satisfied with the look of your home and aid in cooling your home down during the summer. Ivan’s painting has been serving the community for twenty years. Contact us with any questions or a quote if your interior paint is beginning to look a little worse for wear.
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How Heat and Rain Damages Your Exterior Paint Over Time

Exterior paint can last years but when the sunlight begins to chip away at the protective coating any other elements such as rain, heavy winds, and sudden temperature drops will accelerate the demise of your exterior paint. When the paint itself begins to lose its color that is a strong indicator that the protective barrier has been broken down completely. Without a protective barrier, the consistent eight to ten hours of sunlight beating down on your house can become a major problem to the exterior paint. This is because the heat emitted from the sun’s rays is being absorbed by the paint itself which eventually starts to fade the color. Dark paints or brightly colored paints are affected the most by this issue.
Exterior Painting

What Are the Benefits of Painting Your Home?

Homeowners must make all kinds of decisions about their properties, and a big decision is whether you should paint your home. Understanding the benefits can help you to determine if this is something you should do soon.